first thoughts…

“…I am glad Janelle is interviewing with me… I hope I can answer all of the questions right… oh- Dr. Lowery-Hart is speaking…. and then we have our interview…. goodness, I am SO nervous…. we are all going to Poland…. I wonder what they are going to ask us…. my IDS teacher is here!…. oh- wait- did he REALLY say we were going to Poland?!… WOW!… I don’t know what to say…. no one is saying anything…. I am speechless…”

This is just about what was going through my mind when they told us that we were not actually in a second interview, but that we had been chosen to be WT Readership Ambassadors. 

I had never understood the concept of “its a dream come true” or the feeling of being “speechless” yet I felt them both at that exact moment.  My mind was racing.  [Am I really going to Poland? How cold is it there?  I have to get a passport?…No, I GET to get a passport! That’s a long plane ride! I can’t wait to call my mom! Whats the time difference?]

My only fear about all this right now is that I am a little afraid of flying over water, but I am sure that my nerves will calm down over time.

I am excited to get to see all of the places that we have heard about for so long in person. We have learned about the concentration camps in school for some time, but to actually go there and walk where Elie Wiesel had once walked is going to change how what we think about WWII and everything had gone on then. 

I am interested in seeing where this adventure will lead me.  I expect to gain knowledge, experience, and friendships.  And I feel that being here, just a few day into our time together, that I am going to make lots of friends. 

~excited about what is to come; 


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