So, one day I got an e-mail telling me that I was a semi-finalist in the essay contest to “follow in the footsteps” of Elie Wiesel.  I freaked out.  I called my dad and practically yelled it into the phone.  Good times.  The e-mail said that I had to sign up for an interview time.  So I did. 

Interview day comes along, and I go in with 3 other people.  At the same time.  Awkward?  Not really.  When the interview is done, and everybody is getting up to leave, I ask, “So, do we get to keep the nametags?”  Laughter followed.  That’s good. 

A week later, I get another e-mail.  This one says that they couldn’t decide on their finalists.  That we have to do another interview.  I have to admit, I was a little bit frustrated.  The day of the “interview,” I started getting ready.  And when I go to bursh my teeth, I lock myself out of my room.  I ran down, got the RA to unlock it for me, finished getting dressed and walked all the way across campus, with 10 minutes to go until the “interview.” 

I get there….and I realize that I FORGOT MY NAMETAG.  I could have kicked myself.  I kept thinking, “Oh, my gosh!  They’re not going to pick me because I forgot my nametag!”  So, I go into the room with the other “semi-finalists,” and they all have theirs.  Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart comes in and says, “The first interview we didn’t want to be scary….this one’s kind of scary.”  Well, crap. 

We pair up, go into the other room, find a seat…..and then, BAM!  The most amazing news of all time!  WE GET TO GO TO POLAND!!!!!! 

I sat there for almost 2 minutes….waiting for it to sink in.  When it did?  Yes, I’ll admit it.  I cried.  Tears of joy came out of my eyes. 

 That has got to be, if not THE happiest, then ONE of the happiest days of my life.  And I’ll never forget who my partner was, either!  ALLAN KHAN!  Ha-ha.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, but my last name is Hebrew, not Islamic.

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