A Ruse of Possibility

So I’m supposed to tell everyone about my reactions to learning that I’d be going to Poland; and, frankly, I haven’t finished reacting yet.

It hasn’t fully sunk in.

I remember sitting there, not even hearing Russell say that we were going to Poland because I was so carefully strategizing in my head how I was going to succeed in this ruse of an interview.

To put it simply, I needed this.

Far too often I’ve expected great things, and they never really panned out how I had hoped.

And I was afraid that this was just another one of those times.

But it wasn’t, and now that I have been granted this amazing opportunity…I’m still holding my breath.

It’s funny how we tend to fully feel the impact of despair but hesitate in believing the possibility of our joy.

But I know that when I am there, when I am there…I will be breathless.

And this is my chance, my opportunity, to really do some good.

To learn, and to teach.

And I can’t wait.

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  1. I think you need to read some CS Lewis, “Surprised by Joy.”

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