The sneaky surprise..

So I do have to say that Russell is very sneaky. He understood that when we were told about a “final interview”, we all assumed that we were in. Then they decided to throw us all of with this “Oh, we don’t have enough money” spiel, telling us that they could only take 10 -12 instead of 20 people. So we’re all freaked out. Then they walk us into this room full of faculty, sit us down, and oh-so-casually mention that they were all tricksters and that all twenty of us were going to Poland! It took all of us abut 30 seconds before we realized actually what they were telling us. And then, I got really emotional, which was something I hadn’t expected. And that is why I was glad that they surprised us like that – because it meant so much more. I had assumed that we would basically already know when we finally found out – but in doing it this way, it had so much more meaning to it. I am really appreciative of everything that they have done for us and will continue to do for all of us as a group. For me, this is an amazing opportunity. I’m getting to go to places that people usually read about in books, and 95% of the people I know will never get to go there! To visit a place that you read about in history books is definitely an experience of a lifetime [especially when its paid for ;)]. All in all I’m soo thankful that I’ve been given this opportunity to take this journey and then, even further, relate back to my peers and tell them why taking a chance is always the best choice.

Katie Gus

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