Egads! I had obviously forgotten that I was supposed to write this! Forgive me! But, don’t worry, I did redye my blonde roots that were coming through. That’s not a joke.

I first read this book after buying it during my first trip to the Holocaust Museum in D.C. It impacted me greatly, but no more than the other books I had read. After awhile your heart and mind go numb from hearing all these stories. It becomes surreal. You know the Holocaust happened and you hear these stories but you cannot fathom the cruelty. I knew it happened, I have never doubted that, but it does become a story. I weep over the pictures I see, but even they become just pictures, not flesh and blood. Given, my trips to the Holocaust museum do renew my mind in this but perhaps it doesn’t truly click until you meet/hear a survivor. I’m still questioning why he came here! I mean WT is a great school, but your mind never puts it up as the same rank as Princeton or Stanford. How honored we are to have had him! I actually appreciate that he didn’t talk about the Holocaust. We all knew his story and while it would have been wonderful to hear him discuss that (as wonderful as it can be to have someone tell you how they were treated like animals) I loved the fact that he came up to speak about others. So I’m getting way sidetracked…

When I got the email that I had been selected for our first interview I was, of course, stoked! I later told the committee (when asked what I did when I recieved that email) that I read the email and looked down to the ground where I noticed a small bit of pee beneath my chair. Luckily I discovered it was my dog’s urine and not mine(okay didn’t happen…but…it was funny….I like funny). During the first interview I was very nervous but I usually have a knack for appearing at ease, hiding emotion, and making my audience laugh. Luckily this time wasn’t an exception! After that interview I had a feeling that I would get selected but of course I wasn’t for sure. I always tell myself, especially with a prize this big, that I won’t win something so that when I don’t I’m not quite as disappointed. But it was so hard to tell myself this because I wanted it so bad!! I have always “enjoyed” history and the Holocaust was something I had particular interest in. This would be a dream come true!

The second “interview” came around and as I sat waiting for others to show up I did start to get a little nervous. I didn’t know anyone and I sat in a room with my competition. I wanted to win. I “had” to win (not for sure why, but I did!). Eva and I partnered up and when Russell (sp?)  made his announcement I wasn’t really listening. I was thinking about the interview. I was answering pre-made questions in my head and trying to charm myself with my answers. I did hear him but it took me a lot longer to have it sink in. I saw Eva jump out of her chair and hear woots all around me but was so confused. I looked over at the professor next to me and said “What?” “You won.” “Huh?” “You all won, it was a joke.” Uhhh…hmmm. Interesting. Okay. I felt really weird there, though. I didn’t know anyone and normally that doesn’t make me uncomfortable but it did at this point.

So afterwards I called way too many people and took a celebratory nap. I take a lot of those. In fact, I’m still take celebratory naps over my Poland win to this day.

It’ll be flippin’-fantastic. Supremely sensational. Extremely exciting. Wonderfully wild. Sorry, I’m tired. I’ll go now.

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…getting closer

Yesterday we all got together as a group to talk a bit more about the trip.    SO EXCITING!  Finals week is here so everyone was kind of blah.  However, after we left that meeting we were all reenergized to take on our remaining finals.  Finals no longer mattered.  We’re going to Poland! 

Making this even more real, our passports are beginning to come in. Everything is in order.  I cannot wait to go and experience this opportunity.  It’s three months away. I’m ready; however, It still seems so surreal that it is happening. 


Kristallnacht Remembrance

          Attending the Kristallnacht Remembrance on November 9th was simply amazing.  It was really special listening to the recited Kaddish and its translation.  While the Kaddish was being recited, many images of the Jewish prisoners in the concentration camps came to my mind.  Imagining them praying the Kaddish and mourning those who have passed away in the camps was a very reflecting moment.  The whole ceremony was about 15 minutes long, but I was really hoping for more.  Even so, it was a great ceremony. – Ricky Mariscal

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