a traveler

We take on many roles in our lives. Some roles are forever. Some are only temporary. We don’t ask for all our roles. Some we acquire. Some we earn.

I am a student, a friend, a Christian, an aunt. I have been a co-worker, a teacher, a brides-made. I will be a wife, a graduate [eventually…], and in 39 days… a traveler!

In our class this week, we learned a little bit about the Polish culture. I feel inadequate to soon be in the midst of a population so rich in culture and history. I have learned the basics of American and Texan history throughout my education, but I do not carry the sense of pride in my country’s past as the Poles do. I can not wait to have a chance to learn about the lives of those we will be living near. In my “quick guide to POLAND” book, I learned that Poles are outwardly expressive [which means I should have no problem fitting in]. The Poles are also big into lunch time [my favorite part of the day!!]. They often will serve 3-4 course meals… maybe we will bring this tradition back with us?!

To become this traveler, I am going to have to be a learner, a group participant, an observer, a note taker, a positive representation of my university, and an ambassador.

I can’t wait to embark on this new adventure, and develop new roles in the future! [who knows… I may become a world traveler, post Poland that is!!]


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