A Trip Back into Time…

 Think about this: majestic castles, Kings and Nobles, glorious breath-taking churches. Now think about this: ghettos, box cars, concentration camps.Poland is rich with history just waiting to be explored. I never realized such a little country could carry so many memories.  Before Monday, I was excited about reliving the history of Poland, but after Dr. Clark and Dr. Shaffer spoke to us I am chomping at the bit! Poland is rich in culture and adventure. Unlike Americans who know so little about our own country’s history, the Polish pass down the history. They tell their children and are very proud of their heritage and the time when they were a mighty country. I am extremely proud to be an American and would choose nothing else, but I admit that the knowledge of my country’s history doesn’t stretch as far as it should. I feel that not only will I become saturated in and learn Poland’s historical stories, but will also learn some lessons of my own that deal with MY country.-CcCarter

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