A Whole New Look on Poland

In the past, my first thoughts about traveling Poland were simple.  What am I to expect there?……..Different sites, different people, different language, and unheard accents.  I guess I kept my thoughts simple since I have never traveled outside the country before.  I did some research during the holidays, but I mostly researched Poland in present day.  So all my expectations about going to Poland were becoming exactly how I pictured it.  Yet, little did I know about their unique history!After Dr. Clark’s lecture of Poland’s history this past Monday, I was AMAZED!!  I had no idea!  I almost went through the first surprise of finding out I’m going to Poland again.  Learning about their background and unique culture from Dr. Clark was very interesting.  I also knew about the pilgrimage sites of Pope John Paul II, but I had no idea how much history Poland had with Roman Catholicism.  I’m really looking forward into visiting the pilgrimage sites and Church Cathedrals.  It’s going to be very exciting to learn more about the roots and background of Catholicism in Poland.  Just a few more weeks!!……..-Ricky

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