Walking Along New Streets and Reading the Signs We Know From Memory

There are two things that stick out in my mind. There are two things, above everything else, that most excite me about our upcoming adventure.

The first is the atmosphere of Poland; Dr. Clark described how Poland is a romantic country, a noble country with cathedrals and castles. Frankly, that just sounds cool. That type of culture is fascinating and mystical to me. I can’t wait to step back in time to a totally different realm that I have never experienced.

The second thing I am excited for is very different.

I believe that desensitization has occurred largely in America. We are often overwhelmed with story after story of tragedy, whether it be by the Holocaust, 911, or Hurricane Katrina, that we become numb to the true depth of what was lost. We, as humans, have no other way to cope with such indefinable atrocity. But I have read the stories, I have seen Schindler’s List, I’ve been exposed to so many versions of this tragic piece of history, but I believe that seeing the grounds stained with so much innocent, and even non-innocent blood, will open my eyes again and help me to see what happened in a new light, and hopefully help others to do so as well.


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