Here Comes the Sun

As the sun goes up each morning and then settles down each evening my level of excitement rises each time a bit higher. Our trip to Poland is coming up really close, in like 26 days as of today.

In a way I feel as though I am being selfish about the trip. When I think about it I think about getting to go to another country, going to shops, meeting new people, tasting the food, and maybe doing some fun activities. Most of the time I don’t really think about the real reason that we are getting to go to Poland. This is the part that makes me feel ashamed about thinking about the other things. If it wasn’t for one man’s book, for his past, for his suffering, for his loss, and for history we would not be going to Poland this spring break. I then feel terrible and ask myself why I think more about the fun stuff than the real matter of why we are going.

I regret not knowing more about Poland’s history and its people. I feel bad that I don’t quite know all about the Holocaust, I feel as though I am lacking the knowledge that probably everyone else that is going already knows too well. I wish that I knew more about the Holocaust, I wish I knew more about the history of Poland, I wish I knew more about the people and their culture. Luckily, these past two class meeting we have been discussing some of Poland’s foods, customs, entertainment, and recent events. This doesn’t quite make up for everything I wish I knew more about, but it definitely helps.

This past Monday Cristin and I presented our PowerPoint to the class about Poland’s customs. We both really enjoyed getting to know some of Poland’s most popular traditions and holidays. Some of the kids in the class did too, or at least that is what they have told me. Lindsey and Ricky also presented their homework on entertainment, as well as Mandi and Desiree with current events. A lot was learned during the class meeting.

I look forward to Mondays, only for the reason that we are going to be meeting and discussing Poland and the amazing trip that we are about to embark upon soon. I and my friends leave that class more pumped about the trip than when we are first going into the class.

I can only say that once we have returned from Poland my perspective on many things will change. I believe that this trip will change my view on many things, including my life. I hope to learn much more before and while we are in Poland. I hope to understand more of the country’s past and its people.

For now I can only end this blog by saying that I cannot wait to see the sun settle down on Tuesday, March 11, 2008!



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