My Weekly Pick-me-up!

For once in my entire life I am actually looking forward to Mondays. They reason you ask? Because I can enter into my Poland class completely drained from the week before and leave with the same excitment I had the day we won this trip! It is so fascinating for me to be learning about this whole other culture that before going in I didn’t know much about. Until now, for me, the word Poland became synonymous to the Holocaust and oppression throughout their very long history, but I’m beginning to see why the Polish people are so proud of their culture.This week we learned all about Polish customs, entertainment, and current events. Some of the Polish traditions I found really funny, most notable, was the tradition of setting an extra plate out for an unexpected guest, who I guess is supposed to be God. I really wish we were going during Christmas so I could walk into random peoples houses and they treat me like God! (Is that sacrilegious?) It was quite morbid, however, when we learned that you are supposed to have and uneven number of people at Christmas dinner or somebody will die before next year! So…. maybe, I wouldn’t crash random peoples dinners. I can tell that this is going to be such an amazing experience! I am looking forward to meeting new and fascinating people and visiting such beautiful places like the Tatra Mountains and all the castle and cathedrals. But I also hope to grow a lot during this trip. I have to admit that going to Auschwitz is something that I am dreading, but I feel that it is something that I need to see to better understand the Polish people, and in doing so better understand myself, my world, and my heart. To look at the remains of what was pure evil and to refuse to stand idly by!-Brant

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