Photos and Memories

After several of us have put together presentations about what to expect in Poland, I was surprised at how interesting everything has been! Because of the huge amount of information that we’ve been presented with the last couple weeks, I’m just going to make a few comments on the things that stick out in my mind. The first presentation was about polish Food – and who doesn’t get excited about food? There were some surprising similarities between Polish and American food. I’m definitely excited to try some infamous Polish sausage! And dessert doesn’t look so bad either.. :There was also a presentation about Polish entertainment. Again – I guess that I assume since Poland is so far away that its culture is going to be completely different, but surprisingly, music is very similar to ours.I guess overall what I’m expecting is something very different from what were actually going to encounter. I mean – I know it’s a different culture, but at the same time, globalization has definitely taken its toll on the individualistic identities of cultures throughout the world. Today we had a presentation about photography. It was EXTREMELY interesting and Professor Anwar is a wonderful photographer. What I do love about photography is that it can emphasize the many similarities that we as human beings have – no matter where we are from. The pictures we saw today were from everywhere – but many of them looked very familiar. That’s what I would like to do with my trip – I want to bring the world to the panhandle. I want to let people know that even though we may be half a world away, we’re all so much more alike than we realize.As time passes I’m getting more and more excited about heading over to Europe. I was lucky enough to visit England and Scotland over Winter break, and I’m ecstatic to be able to go back so soon. I love Europe because of its colorful and long history and can’t wait to get back and take some more photos and memories back with love! Katie

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