Open to Change

First I just want to say that I was very upset that I had to miss class last Monday and I am very excited for tomorrow!  I agree with Allan about how wonderful it is to read about everyone’s personal encounters in their essay reflections and their individual wants of change.  Everyone has been so open and willing to groups, pairings, and research topics, and I know that each will experience, if they have not done so already, a positive change.  For me, this experience has really opened me personally to all the change of being able to interact closely with people of different backgrounds, studying a different culture, and making new memories.  I used to be a person that was content with my group of friends and staying in my comfort zone, but now I really have opened up to this change of experiences. I find it kind of ironic that the sermon in mass today was that for a person to make a change is that we must remain open to new ideas.  Duh, right!  Everyone else has probably figured this out by now.  Anyways, my point is that personally me being open to have even participated in the essay contest was a big step and I can already see a change in myself.  A positive change in my outlook and how I want to make a change so that I may be able to have an impact on someone else.  I’m just so excited that I have had this opportunity to experience my change with this group that I have learned so much from already.  I know that there is tons more in store for the semester and our BIG TRIP and I’m bouncing off the walls I’m SO EXCITED….less than 4 weeks!!!


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