1000 words

I have been told that a picture of worth 1000 words. Photobucket

Last week, we had a WT Professor come in to talk about taking pictures while we are gone.  That has gotten me thinking…  a picture is worth 1000 words.  Sure, this is true when you vacation to Hawaii, or visit the ranch for the weekend.  This is also very true of the goofy pictures you take with all your best friends in a cramped photo-booth.  But a photo of a concentration camp…  the gas chambers… its seems that the pictures we take on those days- will be worth 1000 words and millions of lives.  Going to tour an old concentration camp isn’t a usual “tourist” spot.  It’s not a usual family vacation. 

A friend was talking with me.  They said “wouldn’t you rather be hitting the ski lifts, or the beach for spring break?”  But I really wouldn’t.  I am taking a part in history.  I am taking part in finding my “response in responsibility” [Elie Wiesel]. So my Houston friends might be working on their tans, and my Canyon friends might be hitting slopes… but I am witnessing history with 19 of the coolest WT students! 

 So back to the photos… one thought this professor brought to my attention was to not take people out of their natural habitat when taking a photo.  We shouldn’t ask people to pose a certain way.  We shouldn’t try and change how they have placed themselves.  This would be contaminating their culture.  We should just take what we have- and photo around it. 

I hope to bring back photos worthy of the emotion we will each experience while on this incredible journey!


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