Oh my gosh!!!  It seems like yesterday; I just found out I was going to Poland.  I remember thinking to myself, “Oh man, Spring Break isn’t until WAAAYYY later!  These next couple of months are gonna seem like forever.”  I have mentioned this before, but throughout these past couple of months, it had never really hit me (about traveling to Poland)…..but now….it smacked me across the head with a baseball bat! Now it’s only days away!!  Now, everything is starting to fly by so fast and I don’t want it to!

          After doing my research over “entertainment” with Lindsey, I was stoked!!  Are we actually going to visit these beautiful places of Poland?   Will these pictures in front of me actually become a reality?!  What is very funny to me is that everyday I watch TV and surf the net.  I see tons of beautiful places like Canada, France, Australia, Italy, etc.  I watch TV and I see couples who visit Paris, France, spring breakers who visit Cancun, Mexico, and researchers who travel to see wildlife in South America.  I would always think to myself, “Wow, how sweet it would be to travel another country!”  I never actually thought that I would ever get that chance.  Actually, I thought I would never travel another country in my whole life.  Growing up on a farm 14 miles outside Hereford, Texas, I never really thought about big cities and beautiful foreign countries because I honestly felt it were a waste of time just to think about it.  Hmmm…..I guess that is why it took a while for the thought of traveling Poland to hit me.  Now it almost feels like I won the lottery!  It is too good to be true!  This is a definite blessing!

          Ok, so now that we have been shown tons of pictures of different countries around the world in Monday’s class; I just want to yell.  Now I feel like I’m being teased.  Why couldn’t they show us these pictures the Monday before we leave to Poland?!  Now, I’m just way overexcited about this trip.  (Breath Ricky Breath)  Just a few more Mondays, till then…….

-Ricky Mariscal

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