Time Begins to Slow Down….

Recent News: 12 Days till Poland!!!!

Well, of course time is beginning to slow down, just when the trip is almost at our finger tips. LOL. But, seriously, OMG, it’s almost here!

Ok, well I have mentioned that I am super excited about going to Poland like in all my entries. I have talked about the fun I am planning to have with my friends. I have also talked about the reason we are going to Poland.

The things I have not talked about at all in any of my entries are my fears. I am really nervous about going to a country that I barely knew existed before I read the book, Night. I love to travel, I have traveled my entire life and to each place that I have gone I have fallen in love with. I am planning to do the same with Poland nonetheless. Obviously these things are not a fear of mine.

One of my biggest fears is surviving in a foreign country and not knowing any of the language.  We are going to be learning a few phrases this coming up class, but I seriously don’t think that I am going to benefit from it, because it is impossible for me to learn enough of the language for it to ease my worries.

I love trying new things. Food is one thing that I rarely do because I am too scared to embarrass myself in public by trying something new and then fainting or worse. However, I cannot wait to try the Polish foods in Poland, even though it is kind of scary and nerve-racking.

Ok, so my fears aren’t exactly big or that great. My biggest fear however is going to the concentration camps and witnessing a part of history that many people will never see in their lives. Parts of history that many people don’t know exist or who simply don’t want to believe it exists. Many of the people that know about the trip have asked me to take tons of pictures of everything I do during the trip. I am really nervous about trying to capture such images and then have to tell people what it is that they are seeing only in a picture.

I know that I can do this; I have no doubt in myself. I just wish that it was easier. I know that I shouldn’t say this but it is something that I know will change my life and hopefully I can help people understand this history a little better.

The fact that we are going to Poland is settled well in my mind. The fact that we are going to see where one of the most tragic events in history took place is still something quite hard to really express in blogs and to actually believe we are going to be doing soon.


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