I Hope Cristin Plans On Packing A LOT of Dramamine

I am most afraid of Allan causing an international disruption.

On a serious note, the greatest physical fear I have is the flight. I’m absolutely terrified of heights, and the longest plane ride I’ve ever been on was a four-hour flight; needless to say, I plan on borrowing a lot of Cristin’s Dramamine.

And I suppose the most…ethereal thing I am afraid of is my own reaction. There has been so much excitement in the group, in me, about going to Europe, many of us for the first time. We’ve all been so jovial and giddy with disbelief and awe that I think some of us have, maybe even consciously, blinded ourselves to what we will actually be doing.

I am the type of person who can laugh in almost any situation. I can make almost anything amusing to myself in some way.

But the Holocaust robbed people of everything; especially their laughter.

I’m afraid of the emotional state I will be in when we stand on the actual grounds which teem with the skeletons and ghosts of such a woeful time in history.

I know that a historical site shouldn’t be the only thing which sends one into a realization of the past, but the past is harder to ignore when there is visible stone and dirt present to shape the images all of us have written about.

Victims of the Holocaust had their humanity and their simple lightness of heart stolen; and when we are face to face with the fences of Auschwitz, I’m afraid that I may momentarily lose mine.


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  1. I still have pain meds from my surgery….haha. Okay, I wouldn’t give you my prescription (side note: it also wasn’t that great).

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