Less Talk, More Rock!

I am panicing.

  …and it’s a totally legitimate feeling, right? The thing I’ve been waiting for since last semester, this major event in my college career (and really my life) is practically here! 9 days and counting! There is so much I have to do before I leave! It is so weird too; this wasn’t something like Christmas that seems to take forever to arrive, either. This trip is speeding right towards me like a train!

 I’ve been reading some of the other blogs and it seems that everybody has said some version of what I am about to say:

“It still hasn’t completely sunk in that I am actually going to Poland.”

When I won I relished in the thought, sure, but I don’t know if I ever really saturated in it. This is such an incredible opportunity, but that’s all it appeared to be, an opportunity, and now it is a reality, it is here! I am literally (in 9 days and counting) about to board a plane! We have so much to do in such little time to prepare for this trip, that I’m having trouble finding time to soak in my Poland anticipation. But I know it is all going to be worth it once we are there with all the information we have gathered. So, panicking; yes, but in a really good way! 

I have always loved to travel, with the early morning air and the open road in front of me, it is such a liberating feeling, but this past summer was my first time to actually travel abroad, and I have to say it became an addiction. My eyes were opened wide to the world around me, outside of these confining American walls, into a world that, hence forth I’ve only experienced within the safe realms of my TV. I met so many amazing people from all over the world, each with such a unique cultural background, that I could have read a biased book about, but then would have never appreciated the uniqueness of the individual. I say it became an addiction because “World Traveler” was never something I played when I was a kid; Spider-man, Ninja Turtle, Power Ranger; sure, but never Carmon Sandiego. It’s like a childhood fantasy that I never had, except now…I’m (kind of) grown-up! I don’t want to, I HAVE to go everywhere! See everything! Meet everyone!  

Listening to all the presentations thus far has really caused my anticipation to grow. This week Adriana and I went over transportation, Angela and Monica went over packing, Janelle and Heather went over clothing, and Eva and Allan went over the perception of Americans. It is really getting too much, the reality of this all is starting to set in and it is getting unbearable just sitting in class learning about this amazing culture and not actually walking the streets, tasting the food, or hearing the language! I really enjoyed Eva and Allan’s bit about the perception of Americans. I think every American needs to experience another culture, because as I said before, America can be very confining, and actually blinding to other cultures unless we are at war with them, or not in agreement with their country’s policies. I just hope to learn something from this culture, and hopefully give something back. 

It is hard to believe that this trip is already upon us! I can’t wait to see what we will encounter!


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