We have nothing to fear, but fear itself……

You know what’s scary? When your mother tells you, a WEEK before you leave for a foreign country, that in the country right below, they’re telling the Americans to get out. How exactly are you supposed to react to that?! I mean, it’s not like I can say, “Okay, I’m not going now!” Because, for one thing, that would be stupid to pass on an opportunity like this. And for another, they’ve already bought my plane ticket. But seriously, parents, wait until AFTER the trip to tell your child about the bad things happening one country down! Thanks!

I’m not exactly scared about what’s been happening in Kosovo. I know that we’re going to be fine. But I am nervous about the plane ride over there…..I don’t like flying over the ocean for some reason. It could be the vast amount of nothing but water…..so that if something goes wrong with the plane, THERE’S NOWHERE TO LAND! But I’m sure we’ll be fine!

Seriously, though, I think that’s probably what I’m most scared about. That, and going to Auschwitz. There’s no way to mentally prepare yourself for that. The things that happened there were…….monstrous. And you can’t walk into a place like that, and not feel SOMETHING. But I’m going to walk into that concentration camp with an open mind and let whatever happens, happen.

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