Dobry Dzień! Hola! Bonjour! สวัสดี (sà-wàt-dee)!

I’ve always wanted to learn another language and this week I did just that, except for not at all. I think my problem was I didn’t try to learn just one language… I tried to learn them ALL!

  On Monday we had a crash course in Polish taught by Dr. Clark. I learned some words, basic conversations, and their 32 letter alphabet, but seriously there was little chance of me retaining any of it. What really got me thinking was that her son, whom is barely of speaking age, could speak both Polish and English (I’m assuming). I learned in Psychology that when you are young like that your brain is still developing and it is easier to learn things like language, but when you reach your twenties it is near to impossible to learn another language! So I figured if I was to learn a foreign language I needed to start right now!  

I was watching Conan O’Brian one night and he was interviewing some Italian supermodel who came to America speaking virtually no English but was able to learn it by watching TV in just two years. 

 Enter Telemundo! 

 My plan was to leave the TV on the Spanish channels, day and night, until I was fluent. This lasted the first day (not the night), and half of the next day until my roommate had had enough and made me change the channel. With such a short time until I HAD to quit, I think it is totally plausible to learn Spanish by watching Telemundo. I still don’t know Spanish, but I was able to recognize some words I had previously known, apply them to the situations on the show, and have a decent idea of what was going on! 

  So at this point I have forgotten all the Polish I had learned from class and was FORCED to give up on my telemundo experiment, so I decided to give French a go via internet. I have always wanted to learn French because it is such a beautiful language and I found a really great site to help me do just that! However, to actually benefit from this site you must have money, which I am lacking, but the site did have a free French demo! I learned how to say salesman (vendeur), horse (cheval), bakery (boulangerie, this is my favorite to say), pencil (crayon), big (grand), quick (rapide). I also learned how to form sentences: Le cheval est rapide! 

Since I had learned all the French I could I decided to help out my roommate, the “destroyer of dreams”, who has a crush on this girl from Taiwan by learning Thai using the same site as before. Together we learned how to say chicken (gai), duck (peh, pronounced pet), and coffee (gar fayr). This unfortunately, was not enough to impress the girl. 

After all this I am a little discouraged, but still as determined as ever to learn a foreign language. Right now I am listening to the language exercises Dr. Clark provided on WT Class (along with the music, which is awesome!). In just 3 days, 7 hours, and 30 minutes I will be able to put my Polish skills to use! 


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  1. I like how you put Thai in. I dig. I hope you guys are having fun.

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