“All my bags are packed; I’m ready to go…”

Okay, so my bags aren’t really packed yet but, I am already beginning to gather up things that I know I will need in Poland like, toothbrush, credit cards, underwear, shoes, etc… I always, anytime I go somewhere forget something, usually it is my toothbrush. I have so many toothbrushes from all over because I always have to buy a new one anytime I am traveling. LOL. Last week I even began a list with the things that I am going to be placing in my suitcase and the things I am going to carry aboard with me.In less than 24 hours from tonight I along with 19 other WT freshman and other WT students and staff will be leaving on a jet plane to Poland! Well maybe not a jet plane, but in a small plane to Dallas and then an enormous real plane to Germany and then to Poland.

So last week in class Dr. Clark came to class and basically left me feeling really clueless and very upset about not being able to communicate with the Poles during our trip to Poland. Well except the lucky Poles that are able to speak English. I really wish that we had been taught more of the language throughout the semester instead of trying to cram into our heads in 30 minutes. I really don’t think that anyone really got anything from it, if anybody did; I am sticking to them like glue. JK. I am however glad that Dr. Clark is going to be with us most of the time, still I don’t think that anybody is going to enjoy the trip as much as we would enjoy it if we knew the language. 

 Russell told us that our research papers were going to be due Monday. I couldn’t wait to start my essay, I think it was a really good thing that we got the chance to research these places and write an essay before we arrive in Poland so that we know a bit about the places we are going to beforehand. Lindsey and I got together and did some research last week on the Wieliczka Salt Mines. We found some really cool facts and pictures about it.

Caitlin and Diana presented their PowerPoint on Safety, it was all very valuable information that we all should know before going to Europe.

The last time I was in Europe me and my friend were going to enter this museum when a few older women approached us and grabbed our hands and wouldn’t let go. They squeezed and read our future from our palms. It was all a bunch of nonsense though. Well, they wouldn’t let go until we paid them money. I gave the lady money and she said in Spanish, “Now give me your other hand,” I was like “yeah right.” Me and my friend then ran and the ladies chased us and cursed us and our families because my friends mom wouldn’t pay the lady for the job she did without being asked. They were gypsies. I really found them interesting after I found out who they were and how they survived. I really hope that we don’t encounter any of these people in Poland, if we do everyone guard your wallets and especially your hands!

This week in class it was all kinds of confusion! We talked mainly about the trip and the itinerary. Almost everyone had questions, they were answered, but I am pretty sure that we still have questions.

Tomorrow the amazing University of West Texas A&M is giving us an official send off! It is going to be a party/mixer. That sounds like fun, hopefully it is.

Tomorrow night, well Wednesday morning like at 3:45 we are going to meet in the AC parking lot and head towards the AMA Airport and from there to Dallas and then to Poland!!!!! I am so not looking forward to all the hours of flying, I like to fly just not that many consecutive hours. Oh well, I am sure it is going to be fun, I’ve already had tons of people that have requested to sit by me. HAHAHA.

Well that is all I have to report. I will write again hopefully from Poland!!!!!


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