the Experience leading to poland in one go

Hello I’m Marisela Rodriguez and although I have had the opportunity to write about what being a WTReadership Ambassador to Poland is to me this opportunity hasn’t seemed solid to me. As I write this it is 1:33 AM of March 12, 2008 I will meet with the others at the airport in about three hours and I still say that this change seems surreal, however, I want to write this now because it is a great step in this life of mine. I am the first of at least my family’s last three generations to go overseas, and it seams like a great step to take, maybe too great… Anyways I don’t wish to be disjointed on my telling so I will no move to start at the beginning and continue to this point.

In the Fall 07 semester I started my university career with a high note after finding out that there was a trip that could be obtained trough writing and though this trips had been offered before my parents are of a type who will not let their daughters out of their site, so never before had I entered. Now, however, I could.

I had previously read the book by Elie Wiesel in my first year in high school (what a chance starting too educational steps with this book at my side). With all the good intentions in the world the writing of my essay was all but forgotten even as I read and reread Night, thus it came to be that the deadline was fast approaching when I finally made a point to start the process. I’m a little ashamed to say that I turned in my essay literally three minutes before the cut off point.

Later that semester, I received an email notifying me of being a semifinalist and being considered for the trip, how awesome could that be?! So at the news I tired for elation and went around the house noting the news, however my family and I aren’t the kind of people who get so exited they jump up and down or any such like. The response from my sisters were attempts at higher emotions than just pleased for me though they failed a little, my parents were saying that it was wonderful and then asking questions of how would they decide who went to Poland which reminded my that I had to finish reading the email and getting the details. Thus, I signed for a time to interview and filled out the preliminary paper work.

At the interview I found that two of my classmates from last year would also be interviewing and instantly hoped that we would all be chosen to go because who could would that be. The questions that were asked of us during this inter view came and went so fast that I don’t believe I retained much of what I responded I didn’t take much time to think on what the correct answer would be but decided to be honest on what I thought to be my actual response to the situation. After words me and my friend Diana Hernandez sat down and when over what transpired and I found that the same thing had happen with Diana she couldn’t recall exact answers any more than I could.

(side note: as I write this it is now 2:30 AM)

 A week later another email arrived, telling of another preliminary interview where formal dress would be required, and pleased that I was still in the running I called Diana and asked whether she had also received such an email and when she said she hadn’t I was instantly ashamed for my happiness even when I had no reason to feel so. I waited for the day to come around and prepared to do another interview. Once it finally arrived I waited with the others for the events to come, soon we were escorted to the interviewer’s room and sat down. That is when Russell Lowery-Hart gets up and says something to the effect of “you all have been selected to go.” The room was so silent you could hear a pen drop and none of us moved, we all calmly waited to see how it would play out till we started getting up and then the “interviewers” started to congratulate us, they all turned out to be our current IDS professors who already had the news. Somehow I went through the motions of greetings and comment till we all walked out to take the required pictures for the group and individuals. As we were about to go our separate ways we were told that two members of out group were unable to attend while one had not responded at all. As it turned out Diana was also one of the finalists but her email was having problems and that had been the reason for the misunderstanding. I couldn’t believe it! Both my classmates and I were headed to Poland!!! The rest of the semester was spent in the motions of classes and exams while I made sure to turn in the paperwork required of me to be able to get a passport and travel. In the end I don’t believe I ever got the change to work out the news and that is why I still find myself unable to feel its reality even as I write this. Now, in this Spring 08 semester we were required to sign up for and IDS class and we all have learned so much not only about Poland and what we might encounter there but also about ourselves and those around us. By now I know who is frightened of flight and who plans to sleep the whole flight through along with who are the liveliest personalities. This has gone so fast that I half think that lightning lasts longer in the sky than the wait for our trip to Poland has lasted. I know I am not the only one to think this surreal but i wonder when it is that it will sink in. Well it is 3:14 AM and I will end my blog for now, and see what still needs doing before I walk out the door.

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