Photography is fun!

sooo… i think i’m a little late getting this posted, but as long as its posted it should still count. (hehe) I have always had a sort of facination with photography and we had a professor come and speak with us about photography techniques to use while in Poland. I was amazed at how much there was to learn! Even the littlest change in an angle could make the picture come out completely different. I am so excited about capuring the life of Poland on film. The people, the culture, the artwork, the history. All of it excites me! I will be able to look back at these pictures years from now and truly bring back the memories and feelings that prompted me to take the pictures in the first place. Wow… I’m really going to do this, capture Poland on FILM!!!CC

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  1. Hey girl! Hope you are having a great time. Remember your rules of travel!

    Love ya,

    Mr. and Mrs. BB

  2. HEY YOU! Your mom sent out an email telling us about your trip — I’m SO jealous! You probably don’t know but I taught NIGHT to your brother last year. I would GLADLY reimburse you, if you had the chance to grab anything that I could use in class. PLUS, I REALLY want to hear about it all and see your pictures, when you get home.

    I am so excited for you and hope this is an amazing experience for you. A trip of a lifetime for a beautiful young lady!

    ENJOY and be sure to call your mom.

    LOVE YA!

  3. Hi, sweetie!!!! I know you’re having a GREAT time!! We’re thinking of you EVERY MINUTE!!! Every one here is SO proud of you!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Mom

  4. I hope that you are taking many pictures–with your digital camera but also with your own memory. You will find that the places and people you will see in the next few days will forever be a part of you. And since I am a storyteller at heart–I hope you will listen to the stories both places and people have to say to you.

    Dr. Trudy Hanson, WTAMU

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