Europe is most definitely wonderful!!!!! After spending a few days here, I am in love. So far, we’ve been able to go through the Galicia Jewish Museum, Remuh Synagogue, Salt Mines, and several other places that have names I cannot pronounce or spell… Each of them has its own story and character and has contributed a lot to our trip. The Remuh Synagogue made me realize how much the Jewish faith is something that was lost during World War II. The fact that Hebrew is not featured on very many public buildings in Krakow just emphasizes how much the culture was erased. In the Salt Mines today, I found out more about Poland than I had ever known! We had a 3-hour tour that was very long, but extremely informative. Our tour guide was perky, fun, and very interesting. Last night we were lucky enough to go out with some local Polish sociology majors who spoke English. It was nice to meet someone foreign that I could actually communicate with. We hung out at a local club and danced and just socialized. I found out that apparently the only connection that Europeans make to Texas is the infamous Chuck Norris… Thank you Walker Texas Ranger  Haha.. All in all, it’s been a crazy, exhausting, informative, entertaining, and most of all fun trip. Oh! Today we saw the Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra and they were wonderful!!!! This is really just a collection of random thoughts, but I just want everyone to know that this trip has been an amazing opportunity and I am so thankful to be here. I love and miss everyone!!! Yay Poland! 😀

Katie Gustainis

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