10 Days…….

So much can happen in 10 days. One thing that I am sure rarely happens in 10 days is becoming best friends with a group of strangers in a different country. I never thought that I would feel the way I feel right now after coming back from Poland. While in Poland I became better friends with some of the students that I was already friends with here in Canyon. I became friends with some students that I had never talked to before in class or anywhere else.

In the process of ten days you learn a lot from these people. You learn their habits, their way of laughing, their fears, and their dreams. You also learn a lot of things that you wish you didn’t know about them. I believe that this is what made us grow closer together. In the end I was glad to be around with these students and teachers.

Together we made a lot of new memories, memories that we will never forget. Most of the memories are in our hearts, and a lot of them have been captured in pictures so that one day in the distant future we can look back upon our memories and laugh and maybe shed a tear or two.

Right now I am sitting in my room back in Canyon all alone. My roommate is asleep, so technically I am not alone. What makes me feel so alone is that I woke up this morning and Brant wasn’t here doing something funny. Monica and Adriana weren’t waiting for me to walk to the Rynek together. Neither Lindsey nor Caitlin were laughing to the point it became our background theme if we had a movie or T.V. show.  Oh yeah, today is Easter Sunday, which makes this day worse. For the first Easter in my entire life I am not with my family. It is depressing actually.

10 Days can dynamically change someone’s life for the better. I am thankful to God and that he allowed me to meet these amazing people and travel with them to Europe. I am thankful for all the memories we made, all the pictures that will remain with us forever, and all the laughs we had while in Poland.


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