We have been home for eleven days now. 

That’s eleven chances for us to make a difference.  Eleven chances for us to wake up and decide that the injustice that happens, right here, on our own university, has got to stop.  Much like the little bubble Eva has talked about, we are a bonded group- a family.  Together we are strong.  A triple braided cord is not easily broken…

Every day that I have been back, my mind wanders back to the days of walking through Auschwitz.  The night of the culture walk.  The endless time spent traveling.  The nights we stayed up talking, bonding, and growing.  The fort, the Kabab’s, the inside jokes.  Those memories are a precious gift.  But not a gift to be kept to myself.  Its a gift that will keep on giving.  There are 23 students with a new passion, a new desire.  We are going to band together.  We are going to make a stand.  We are going to grow our Army of Resistance!  But this is going to take work.  We are going to have to expand our comfort zone [not step out of them].  We are going to have to hold each other accountable. 

We are going to want to be change.

And seek change.

And then be change.

Why?  Because we were changed. 

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