Intellectually Activating

Tonight…the real work began.

Katie and I, along with Dr. Clark (who I discovered is only afraid of short women, not short men), gave a presentation at the International Amarillo Club.

Katie covered the culture of Poland, and I covered Auschwitz.

The group age range was a little older than I imagine the type of people we will typically be presenting too.

Their responses were awesome!

After our presentations, many of them chatted with us individually. I know Katie said she had a great time, and I personally spoke to one woman who lived in Germany in 1947, and she remembers her mother telling her stories of getting her hair done in beauty parlors and how people were afraid to talk about the Holocaust out of a residual apprehension of the ubiquitous SS men which had kept everyone in fear for so long; and this was after the war.

One woman talked about how we have Holocausts of our generation going on today, such as Rwanda and Darfur, and how important it is not to react the same way so many did in WWII by not doing anything.

And then there was another woman who spoke to us as we were on our way out. She said she was an alum of WT (I think Katie said she discovered she’s actually 97 now).

She told us that she had many Jewish friends during the Holocaust, and she said when they lost their families, their grief was her grief. She told us how proud of us she was, how excited she was that people in the panhandle were expanding their experiences along with their way of thinking. I almost teared up just talking to her, and I’m not even a crier like Caitlin!

Simply said, being able to not only speak at these people, but to them and with them, was great. It reminded me of all of the great discussions we oft had in Kendra’s little suite at the dorms.

I miss you guys, but spreading the word of our experiences makes me remember them and relive them. I’m so excited to be a part of this.

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