God Grew Tired of Them

Last night my friend Jasinia and I watched a few documentaries regarding the Lost Boys of Sudan and the current crisis occurring in Darfur.    One documentary, God Grew Tired of Us, had an interview with one of the Lost Boys who said that he felt that God, indeed, had grown tired of them and that was why they were going through this personal hell.

What a powerful thought, “God grew tired of us.”?  Living the life they did; constantly running from genocide, never seeing their families, hoping for a better existence, would make me wonder this very thought.  It would be hard to keep the hope that I may get back to my home again alive.  

I admire these young men for their attitudes.  They are so thankful to just be alive.  All they want is to be back at home.  All they want to see is their parents, their siblings, their relatives.  Things we take for granted all the time are suddenly luxuries in their mind.  

Why are we as a society still letting this occur?  The images in the films related to the Darfur crisis scared me.  It is Auschwitz all over again.  Citizens are getting murdered and raped and villages destroyed simply because of their race and religion.  It’s heartbreaking to see this much hate happen. Though I am one person, I will take a stand.  I will not let them feel that God has grown tired of them. 


A few links:

God Grew Tired of Us

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