First off, I just want to simply say how proud I am of everyone. I was reading some of the latest blogs, and what everyone is saying is simply amazing.

Honestly, I don’t even think that it’s what they’re saying but it’s that they’re saying anything at all.

My entire life, I’ve been better than my circumstances. I went to a high school where thought simply was not prevalent; good grades were, but actual thought did not exist.


And, having been back for about a month now, I’ve been hit with how many people just don’t think about things; there’s no independent or unrefined thought. There’s regurgitation and robotic simulations of thought.


But reading these blogs is so refreshing, and I’m reminded how I was so incredibly privileged to spend ten days with thirty great, great thinkers.


But as I said, we’ve been back for almost a month now, and I just want to leave again. It’s like ever since we’ve been back there has been something brewing inside of me. It’s like I so desperately want to write but the words won’t form, and I want to talk but I can’t seem to harness these miles and miles of endless thoughts into sounds. It’s like I’m just thinking all the time and I don’t have enough time to get them all articulated.


And it’s weird stuff, too. I haven’t been with the racist comments as much, I guess because most of my friends are so open-minded that I haven’t had to deal with that certain ignorance, but it’s been the little things getting to me. For instance, I went to Wal-Mart today and I noticed this entire rack of Hannah Montana paraphernalia. One product even read “Look like Hannah Montana!”

This is absurd!




Why is there so much precedence put on weightless things like that?


And then, the other night I was driving back from Amarillo, and I noticed a billboard that spelled out the word “vaccines” in baby blocks, and I was struck by how absurd advertising in America is.


Things like this have been everywhere for me, and I don’t have the words to write (and right) them all.


Going to Poland gave me so much perspective, in large and in minute detail. Not just about racism or genocide, but also about priorities and ambition.


I came back doubtless, and now my ambition is clouded, and that’s silly. That’s really, really silly.


I wish time wasn’t such a violent thief. I wish I could go back and learn more, remember more, soak in more.


But, in short, I’ve been feeling frustrated and clouded, and reading these blogs really helps put things back into perspective.

Thanks guys.



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