In response to David’s blog

So, I was just going to comment on David’s blog, but then I got a little over zealous and couldn’t stop typing….so….I ended up blogging against my will 🙂

I’m really sad this semester is almost over. It’s been, truly, the most amazing four months of my life. The conglomeration of my classes, my professors, the friends I’ve made, the faculty I’ve gotten to know, Speech, the Prairie, the chance to study abroad in Italy next Fall…and … what else happened this semester? …

I got a really great pair of shoes!
Oh, yeah, and I took a trip to Poland.
And that, as we all know, was extraordinary in every sense of the word. I could throw in adjectives like life-changing, eye-opening, astounding, amazing, unforgettable, indescribable, but no need for redundandcy, right?
This semester has been beyond a gift, and I’m so sad it’s over. I truly wish I could hit rewind just to breathe it all in again.
Hey. Wait. We’re a pretty ambitious group…we’ve done some studies on reliving the past…we could make a machine that would allow us to relive this amazing semester over again, couldn’t we?

National No Shoes Day.

Displace Me.

Relive Semester.

Yep. That sounds like a great new project.


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