It’s not a thing of the past.

It’s been a while…

…its been TOO long.

I have thought the blog needed some love.


The new school year has started.  To our friends, the Poland trip is a thing of hte past.  But to us, our Poland family, its still alive and well in each of us today. 

I have greatly missed the company of my Poland family since the ending of last semester.  I have missed the community we shared and the bond that we had.  And I was suprised to feel that same bond and emotion when we were reunited this past week.  If this next thought even makes sence… I was glad to feel the sorrow again. [okay… let me explain that one… we were presenting our Pledge of Resistence to a group after this years Freshman Convocation cerimony, and I began to cry.  I was filled with sorrow.  But the gladness… that comes from the fact that I have not forgotten what I have seen and what I have felt and experienced.  The trip to Poland may have been an event of the past, but its definitally still felt in the present!]

I am overly excited for the freshman that get to travel to Africa this next Spring.  I am hoping that they will be insprired as we were inspired.  I am praying they will experience the change within themselves that went on with us.  I know that they are going to come back next spring ready to change the world!  And I can’t wait to meet them and share in that same feeling.  The Army of Resistance will have new family members!  We will have new faces, and new hearts, and new ideas.  We get to grow- and we get to see them grow!


So what exactally am I trying to say here?  That we were not, are not, and will not stand idly by.  And that we are excited to welcome the new members of the Readership Ambassador family in the next few months!

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