I know I haven’t blogged in a long time so I think it’s about time!  😀  Well, it has been a almost a month since we were in Poland.  I am STILL telling my story to people and they keep on asking.  It is just amazing and sometimes I am speechless because some of my pictures make me emotional while explaining them.

On Monday (April 14th), we sat in class having a conversation.  We all were remembering Poland and specific times, events, special/funny moments, pictures, and much more.  I remember we were all talking at once and then someone came up with a thought about our trip.  It was one of those thoughts that everyone heard and just paused to listen.  After she finished saying what she had to say, the room was silent.  As Amanda said, it was not an awkward silence but a moment where we were all together mentally.  I’m sure people have had that strange silence where everyone just looks at each other and doesn’t know what to say, and this wasn’t one of those moments.  This is just something that only the “Poland people” could understand.  Maybe you have been in moments like that with some at some point in your life.

As far as presentations go, I’m actually pretty busy with it.  I’m surprised at how many schools and people want us to go speak to them about our experience.  So far I have presented at Westover Jr. High and at the Harrington String Quartet.  Some of us are scheduled to speak at River Road, Palo Duro, Travis, and I’m waiting on a call from Randall High (which is where I graduated from).  We also have an event coming up on Monday and Tuesday.  Monday is the Town Hall “get together” with the people that made our trip possible.  On Tuesday, we have a group of 8th graders coming in from a small town (I’ll be sure to get the name asap) and they are touring our school.  After the tour, some of us will be speaking to them.  I’m sure we have had more requests such as Pampa and other small towns, but as far as I know, there are no dates set up.

Have you heard about what happend in Florida with the 16 year old girl?  Well if you haven’t, there were 8 teens (6 girls and 2 boys) that beat the 16 year old.  The teens ranged from 14-18 years old.  To make a long story short, the teens lured her into a house, beat her unconcious, and when she woke up they beat her some more.  She ended up having hearing loss in her left ear and her eyesite in her left eye is partially gone.  Now the teens are being tried as adults and facing some major punishments.  If you need more information just look it up!  😀  Well, I brought that story up because it goes back to what we are trying to get across to our youngsters.  When we spoke out at Westover there were the typical “brats” that always interrupted and I’m almost positive they were the bullies.  The bullying is what can cause another thing like the Holocaust to happen again.  Relating back to the story, the teens supposadly beat this girl because of things on myspace.  How ridiculous is that?  This bullying stuff has to stop!  Our army (WT Readership Ambassadors) will definately try hard to fix this, but it will take some time.  We will not give up; because every speech, conversation, and act of kindness will spread, and hopefully it will reach the ones who really need change in their life.

Well, that’s about it for now!!  IT’S TIME TO EAT!!  haha!!  😀


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Monday’s Class

Well, Monday was a really long day for me; however, I was looking forward to the “Poland Class” to see what we had planned! Come to find out we have some guest speakers, Dr. Clark and Dr. Shaffer!

Before our class heard Dr. Clark speak about Poland’s history, I knew very little. It’s sad to say, I just knew about the Holocaust and that it went on there in Poland. After her lecture, I feel I know a little bit more about Poland. I’m actually going to start looking up more about Poland as we get closer to the trip, so I can better understand their culture AND history.

To me, for history to happen in one county is something completely different in another country. There are different people and different cultures and that affects how history is made. Of course I feel I made somewhat of a connection, but I don’t think the reality of Poland’s history has caught up with me.

I learned some of Poland’s history, but I feel that the trip itself will explain more to me than anything else!


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Memorial Service

As I was walking up to the pedestrian mall, I seen the colorful beams of light shining on the poles of Old Main.  I stood there listening to someone speak about the Holocaust and introduced a man.  He read us a prayer in Hebrew and then translated it into English.  After he was finished speaking, they handed out small candles to light so we could stand and remember the Holocaust survivers.  I wish the ceremony was longer.  I thought it was going to be more informative about the Holocaust but it was a quick 10 or 15 minutes.  The memorial was still meaningful.


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Well, when I first figured out I was going to Poland I was in complete shock! I was wanting to call my parents and tell them I was one of the 20 students, but they kept us for a little bit to do some housekeeping. When I actually got the chance to call my parents, they didn’t seem too happy, but they were still proud! They weren’t happy because I am going to be traveling overseas WITHOUT them! The weird thing is, I can barely travel to Dallas or Lubbock without them, I’m interested to see how this trip is going to turn out! 😀 Come to think of it, my mom was wanting to know if we were needing chaparones! haha!! (I know we don’t though!)

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